moderated Ability to move a topic from main group to subgroup or vice versa #suggestion

Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>

This has almost certainly come up at some point in the past, but I don't recall it passing through recently and I have no idea of what, if any, change may or may not be in the works.

The groups here at that I moderate are related to technology, specifically screen reader technology, and the purpose of "the main group" is to discuss how to use a given screen reader to work with some other piece or pieces of software, including the OS.

I do not have an absolute purity test, but I also know from my own experience (and predilection) that there are lots of occasions where a member may wish to ask about something that's really not at all related to the function of "the main group" because they know and trust the community there.   On all these groups we have subgroups set up for general chat, anything really, that a member might want to ask the community about but that is not on-topic for the main group.

In the natural course of events, topics often get introduced in the main group that are off-topic, but are legitimate and ideally suited to the chat subgroup.  I know of no way, let alone an easy one, to allow me to move a topic out of the main group and into chat, or vice versa should that be desirable.

Since the group-subgroup concept is very constrained here at, and the only people who can even be the member of a subgroup must have membership in the main group first, moving messages among a group-subgroup cluster, even if it were across subgroups within a cluster, should not pose any privacy issues.   I am constantly called upon to do just this sort of thing, but across different technology forums, on BleepingComputer where I also moderate.

It would be really nice to be able to shuffle messages between a main group and subgroups dedicated to other somewhat related or completely unrelated topics compared to the main group but where the community of members is the same (or at least can be - as I know subscription to a subgroup is required to begin participation).  Please consider creating this function whose use, of course, would be entirely at the discretion of a group's owner and/or moderation team.

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