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On Thu, Feb 28, 2019 at 08:53 AM, Chris Jones wrote:
Confirming their membership requests is something that they ought to be doing for themselves, without moderator intervention. The (restricted) group I moderate uses the Pending Subscription Message function, and if applicants do not respond to it they are not admitted and their applications time out. However, we occasionally find that while applicants respond to the Pending Subscription message they do not take the necessary action to confirm their application,
The confirmation emails often get lost. This has been an ongoing problem for years.
this request seems to have generated far more heat than I would have ever expected

There is a cohort here that tends to respond to many, I'd even say most, feature requests with "that's a management function, we would not need this if moderators would just do their jobs better." Others of us, including me, lean more towards the side of believing that is dedicated to facilitating management functions when possible, practical, and reasonable. So feature requests often tend to generate these arguments.


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