moderated Re: Bulk reminders for NCs #suggestion

Chris Jones

On Thu, Feb 28, 2019 at 03:26 PM, Jim Higgins wrote:
In my limited experience, NC only applies to new members who haven't confirmed their membership...
By and large I think that is a fair point, but..

so if they were dealt with in a TIMELY manner they shouldn't be scattered all thruout the member list.
Confirming their membership requests is something that they ought to be doing for themselves, without moderator intervention. The (restricted) group I moderate uses the Pending Subscription Message function, and if applicants do not respond to it they are not admitted and their applications time out. However, we occasionally find that while applicants respond to the Pending Subscription message they do not take the necessary action to confirm their application, and as a result they sit there, technically  members, but in a sort of limbo state with the group in question not sending any posts to them. In some cases they do not respond to (repeated?) requests to complete the application process by confirming their application to join. (Yes I know that might sound bizarre but it does happen.)

Filtering a full membership list to indentify the "NCs" would be a good thing to have, so that a moderator can either send another request or perhaps even cancel their membership completely; now that might be equally useful!

What really baffles me is that this request seems to have generated far more heat than I would have ever expected, and far, far more than it warrants.


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