moderated Re: Bulk reminders for NCs #suggestion

Jim Higgins

All my groups are restricted and I don't get a notification that new members are still NC. I have to visit my groups (aka "manage my groups") to see that... despite greatly preferring to manage via email as much as possible. So yet another problem arising from failure to manage in a timely manner... tho it seems like sorting on status would be beneficial to those who find themselves waaaay behind the 8-ball... and probably trivial to implement.

Jim H

Received from J_Catlady at 2/28/2019 03:32 PM UTC:

On Thu, Feb 28, 2019 at 07:26 AM, Jim Higgins wrote:
if they were dealt with in a TIMELY manner they shouldn't be scattered all thruout the member list.

I don't think there's any notification, in an unrestricted group, that new members are NC. So they're added to the members list and the moderators may not see them until years later, if ever.

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