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Re: copy/paste:
Maybe I’m misinterpreting, but I see no need to use separate windows.  I find it simple. 
There’s pry nothing more convoluted than doing such bottom-copying, than on an iOS phone.  Certainly on a tab or windows laptop is easier. 
I just:
1) Highlight (”select-all” or handles, depending); 
2) Reply; 
3) Paste into my reply email.  
Why are separate windows necessary - I’m in only the email app.  What am I missing?
And if I’m using a web io UI window it’s even easier to copy the orig msg.  OR, copy/paste only the txt you want bottom-copied and block quote it (apply indent and the left side bar [pipe?]).
I don't know why my example (of the reply running together with orig msg) didn't work.  It was in my reply ”correctly” - but for whatever reason io stripped out something or other. 
BTW - unrelated but it's not just iMail that ran together the example I tried to show (delivered email lost the indent & pipe) - the Outlook app did it as well. 
Email has been around forever; why can't they all just play nice together?

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