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Susie <SuzyQuda0310@...>

Hi Chris,

I appreciate you replying about this.
I just opened the Photos Section and I don't see an option to Move any photos to another album.
I would have to open each photo in question, and delete one at a time.
only options for the photos are:
Report This Photo

since we are limited to a specific storage limit with a free account, there's nothing that tells me what size each photo is, or to be able to sort by size, to delete the larger files first, to make more space.

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On Tue, Feb 19, 2019 at 03:07 PM, Susie wrote:
I think it would a nice feature in the Photos Section to be able to select more than one photo at a time,
There is one option that might save a lot of clicks and therefore time, but the actual saving may depend on how your Photo archive is structured.

Ceate a new album called For Deletion. Go through your photos and use the Move function to place unwanted photos in the For Deletion album.

Then simply delete the For Deletion album in one go.


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