moderated Re: photos

dave w

I would like to make a suggestion for the iogroups.
>>It would be great to be able to delete photos in attachments and not let the person who wrote the email be notified.

No. "in attachments". Whatever do you mean? The only way to stop an attachment is ban them entirely. Do Not Allow settings. Otherwise stand next to every person who may attach something to email and scream at them "DON'T SEND THAT"...
In other words, educate and then Moderate your members. Sad but necessary actions, which is why you are given the electronic means to do so.

>> Also the email photo folder is really not necessary and would be great to be able to eliminate that.

No. Absolutely disagree. It is necessary. It is a record of what "attachments" or "in-line" objects WERE actually sent by email or created.
What you do with it is your concern. I find less enthusiastic but grumpy owners just ignore it. Yes it will fill up with crap like ignorant sig files, graphics and memos, but see above.

>>These are my suggestions and if you ever do this please let me know.
This is a self-serve service. You will have to subscribe or monitor for changes (unless theres a paid for subscription I am probably not aware of),

respectfully, davew

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