moderated Re: Suggested updates to message footer

Dave Sergeant

Er, no. SOME email programs do threading the correct way with the
header in-reply-to data. Many use the subject line. Pegasus Mail that I
use does it this way. Not perfect and various things mess it up but by
and large it does the job. And having got used to threaded email I
can't imagine a life without it.

Going back to the original question, one of the problems with GIO is
that the sender's email address is not shown at all in the online
version (reasons understood) and in email it may be 'corrupted' by the
rewriting process GIO uses on various providers (as per seperate
thread). We have the 'private' option online and 'reply to sender' in
HTML footers but there is no 'reply to sender' in plain text footers.
Often people ask in a posting 'tell me your email address so I can
reply direct' when the address is clear to see in the original post
even if they have to decode the GIO rewriting stuff (but not if they
are reading online).

There must be a clear and easy to find option for people to reply to a
post direct to sender and quote the original. The fact that people keep
asking means it is not clear and easy...


On 27 Feb 2019 at 0:19, Samuel Murray wrote:

No, e-mail programs that support threading don't use the subject line as
a "threader", but rather use clues left in the e-mail's headers. If you
send a new e-mail that just happens to have the same subject line as a
message sent shortly before, e-mail programs that support threading will
consider your message to be the start of a new thread.

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