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Samuel Murrayy

On 2019/02/27 01:32 AM, Ken Kloeber via Groups.Io wrote:

it’s easy enough to do a copy > past (into the reply email) BUT it’s equally easy to do a select all > delete (or backspace) to wipe out the bottom copy (in the reply email.)
I don't think we should rely on copy/pasting too much, particularly since it is becoming more difficult for computer users to work with separate windows (Windows 10 interface, Android interface, etc).

There was a time when working with separate windows was normal, but it is fast becoming a nerds-only skill. If people can copy/paste, then that's okay, but if the system is designed to require copy/pasting in order to make quoting possible, its actually going to encourage users not to quote.

What I find (more?) annoying is when, in a reply, there is no place marker as to what was the original msg vs the reply (see 2c bottom copy.)  Indent quoting doesn't show up in all email apps/clients (doesn’t show up in iMail (iOS on a 6s.)
Yes, different programs have different deficiencies. I'm sure an iMail user will quickly realise that there is either something odd about his mail program or about messages being posted to his mail program. And if not, then there is nothing we can do about it.

In some of the posts in the GMF group, replies to replies are "indented" by adding extra spaces but without doubling the ">" characters, so even the way programs "quote" stuff differ.

My suggestion is not intended to offer a solution to any of these things. There is no solution for that.


Fodder for consideration.
*Re: RFE: Moderate messages with keywords*
From: Samuel Murray <>
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2019 12:41:04 EST
On 2019/02/26 06:30 PM, Dave Wade wrote:
Probably a waste of time. When some one twigs what is going on they will use
"T H A N K S"
I'm not trying to catch out people who are trying to catch me out. I just want to catch people who are in auto-pilot mode. As soon as a member starts doing what you're talking about, he'll get one last laugh, and then the boot.
I don't fool myself into thinking that such a filter will catch all instances of flagged terms, but it may catch enough of them to make it worth while.

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