moderated Re: Suggested updates to message footer

Samuel Murrayy

On 2019/02/27 12:36 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:

We are in entirely different worlds in our wants, needs, and observations.
Threading has been a standard feature, that works incredibly well, in e-mail clients and webmail for decades.
You're free, as are all participants here, to make your requests.  I don't think your complaints are warranted in any way.
I'm aware that this is a "beta" list, and if I complained, then I only meant my complaints to clarify the reasoning behind my RFE.

(also, I apologise for not using the hashtag #suggestion)

You may be right: we are probably in different worlds w.r.t. our needs. It appears to me that you (a) use the web interface mostly, (b) think that most people prefer to use the web interface or something that works in the same way as the web interface, and (c) believe that "threading" is the same as "grouping messages by subject and sorting them by date". This is all fine -- it's good to understand each other.


This is slightly off-topic, but the attached image shows the difference between threading (in what I have always thought to be the traditional or original sense) and grouping by subject line (which is called "topics" or "conversation view" in some tools). I've marked the order in which the messages arrived.

The example below the grey line shows how threading can break if the user's e-mail program does support threading, but the sender's e-mail program/service does NOT. This is why I don't make suggestions that attempt to "make threading work better".

(For some reason, I don't receive my own posts/replies to this group, so my e-mail program gets confused and shows Ken's message as a reply to Brian's first message even though it must surely be a reply to my first message.)


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