moderated Re: Suggested updates to message footer



its a double-edged sword. 

Imagine every post so far on this topic being copied and recopy’d ad infinitum in every reply.  And what I am replying to is one sentence in the original message. 
But having no reference below can cause just as many problems (like poster #10  thinking it was a reply to that and not poster #4 i was actually replying to (excuse the preposition(s).)

it’s easy enough to do a copy > past (into the reply email) BUT it’s equally easy to do a select all > delete (or backspace) to wipe out the bottom copy (in the reply email.) 

on other forums I do find it helpful that the platform does bottom copy everything and then I wipe out all except the stuff germane to my reply.  BUT the masses are not so diligent in doing so.  In fact I think there is zero thought as to what they are doing (did anyone mention 2 or 3 in-body signature graphics, etc by a multitude of offenders?). Inconsiderate members proliferate more quickly than considerate ones. 

What I find (more?) annoying is when, in a reply, there is no place marker as to what was the original msg vs the reply (see 2c bottom copy.)  Indent quoting doesn't show up in all email apps/clients (doesn’t show up in iMail (iOS on a 6s.)

Fodder for consideration. 


Re: RFE: Moderate messages with keywords 
From: Samuel Murray
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2019 12:41:04 EST 

On 2019/02/26 06:30 PM, Dave Wade wrote:

Probably a waste of time. When some one twigs what is going on they will use
"T H A N K S"

I'm not trying to catch out people who are trying to catch me out. I just want to catch people who are in auto-pilot mode. As soon as a member starts doing what you're talking about, he'll get one last laugh, and then the boot.

I don't fool myself into thinking that such a filter will catch all instances of flagged terms, but it may catch enough of them to make it worth while.


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