moderated Re: RFE: Moderate messages with keywords

Dave Wade

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Sent: 26 February 2019 17:41
Subject: Re: [beta] RFE: Moderate messages with keywords

On 2019/02/26 06:30 PM, Dave Wade wrote:

Probably a waste of time. When some one twigs what is going on they
will use

"T H A N K S"
I'm not trying to catch out people who are trying to catch me out. I just want
to catch people who are in auto-pilot mode. As soon as a member starts
doing what you're talking about, he'll get one last laugh, and then the boot.

I don't fool myself into thinking that such a filter will catch all instances of
flagged terms, but it may catch enough of them to make it worth while.

Why bother delaying the agony. Just one transgression and boot them off...


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