moderated RFE: Next/Previous button when editing member profiles

Samuel Murrayy


As the moderator of a list, I decided that a certain setting should be changed on the profile pages of all members (they will be able to change it back, if they prefer). This means that I have to edit all members' profile pages (fortunately we haven't "migrated" yet, so it's only about 15 people).

(The setting I'd like to set is to limit attachments to 100 kb. I will then set the group itself to allow attachments without moderation. I'd like to use 100 kb so that users' signatures still show up.)

I tried Ctrl+clicking the members in the members list to open them in new tabs, but that doesn't work. This means that I have to click each member individually, which opens their profile page for me to edit, and then I have to get back to the list and click the next member's name. However, it can be hard to figure out which members I have edited so far.

What would be nice is if, when the moderator edits a user's profile page, that a "next" and "previous" link appear so that the moderator can move to the next or previous member in the list (presumably by join date, which is the default sorting).

[A possible current workaround for my problem (since everyone is still new) would be to set each member to "no mail" at the same time, because the "no mail" status is also visible in the member's list, and then set everyone back to "individual mails" afterwards, after I've edited each member profile.]


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