moderated Re: Give unsubscribing members ‘special notice’ option if no-email is disabled #suggestion


On Wed, Feb 20, 2019 at 02:47 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
it might be a very good idea to send this information directly to anyone who's trying to unsubscribe secondary to "too many e-mails"
The key here is "trying to subscribe." This is exactly what I'm asking that the system do - just as it does in the case of a non-no-email-disabled group. Otherwise, it's locking the barn door after the horse as left. Subscribers in non-no-email-disabled groups have their unsubscribe process halted in the mid-stream by the system and are presented with staying in the group with other delivery options. But as I explained to Duane, once they've left the group. they're gone. And it's only rarely (and because our good-bye notice does ask why they left) that we even find out they left due to too many emails. Some answer the good-bye notice, some don't. In this one particular case, the member DID answer. AND because she was such a valuable group member, I emailed her in response to her good-bye response to (a) ask whether she'd been presented with the other options after clicking on unsubscribe (she hadn't, which is the origin of my suggestion here) and (b) whether she'd like me to reinstate her etc.

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