moderated Re: Give unsubscribing members ‘special notice’ option if no-email is disabled #suggestion


On Wed, Feb 20, 2019 at 01:47 PM, Duane wrote:
You could also include information in your 'Goodbye' notice
Yes I could, but it would be nice if this were automatic, as it is in the case of non-no-email-disabled groups, and if it were done before they are actually removed and need to be reinstated. Including this info in the goodbye notice doesn't really help, because by then it's too late. They've left. 

All my members have all the available options included.
Does your group have no-email disabled? Are you saying my group members (one of whom just reported today that she left due to "too many emails" and was not presented with other delivery options) are receiving the options as well, but are saying that they're not?


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