moderated Re: Site updates #changelog

Andy Wedge


I've seen the chatter about allowing members of parent groups to post to subgroups but I'm not sure if this is working as it was maybe intended.

I have these settings for my subgroup:

If I post (via email) from a member of the parent group that is not a member of this subgroup then the message is moderated as it was before when only 'Allow Non Subscribers to Post' was set.

If I uncheck the 'Allow Non Subscribers to Post' option and post again, the message is rejected with: gave this error:
Your email address, andy_wedge@..., is not subscribed to that group. To subscribe, send an email to, or visit 

If the 'Allow Non Subscribers to Post' option is required and messages are moderated, then 'Allow Parent Subscribers to Post' on its own seems to serve no purpose as it stands.


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