moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • BUGFIX: When a member sent a message via the group directory, they were offered the ability to use one of the group messages as a template. Now, we limit that to mods/owners only.
  • NEW: For premium groups, when viewing a pending message from a non-member, new 'Approve & Add Sender' button for owners/mods with appropriate privileges.
  • NEW: Mods/owners can now edit messages in topics that have been locked.
  • NEW: Subgroups have a new 'Allow Parent Subs To Post' settings checkbox.
  • BUGFIX: Search queries that contained a single double quote were failing because it was not properly escaped.
  • BUGFIX: Add organizer info to #cal-notice notifications.
  • CHANGE: Yahoo transfers now require a year of premium.
  • CHANGE: Reverted previous change to how notification messages are handled. Now, as originally, notification messages do not follow the group moderation setting.
  • CHANGE: Got Yahoo transfers working yet again.
  • CHANGE: For enterprise groups that have disabled signups, allow +subscribe email commands if the person already exists and is subscribed to the parent group.
  • INTERNAL: Fix issue preventing paging me when the smtp check process fails.
  • INTERNAL: Set Elasticsearch processes to automatically reboot when they crash.

Have a good weekend everyone.


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