moderated Re: Is there any hope on unmoderation?


So it seems both of you (Shal and Dave) want members to be able to post to the subgroup but not read messages in it. (I just created a test group to see if that configuration is even possible, and it is.) The upshot is that they can send single messages but not participate in conversations that the single messages might lead to. I suppose it makes sense on some level (e.g., I can send a complaint to the city street sweeping dept - which I just did lol - but I can't communicate further with them after that in a message thread). 

So that said, I think the suggested workaround of making the subgroup members main-group mods, with only the permission to receive owner messages, could work, at least until the desired functionality is implemented. Further, it - unlike the "post to but not read" subgroup idea - would allow further conversations, if desired, by using "bcc all." With the post-to-but-not-read subgroup, you couldn't do it at all.

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