moderated Re: Is there any hope on unmoderation?



Did I miss something?

I don't think so. I have the same use case, and the same request, in my PTA group.

The members of the school's PTA unit are (allowed to be) subscribers to the unit's primary group. The board members of the unit (a much smaller number of people) are subscribers to the "Board" subgroup.

The primary group members are already (in my estimation) trusted enough to be allowed to send messages to the board, but they should not be allowed to see the other conversations going on among the board. The primary and subgroup setup seem perfectly well suited for this.

Except for that one (in my case minor) annoyance that the subgroup can't be set to allow primary group members to post without moderation. For my case this a minor annoyance because it doesn't happen all that often that a unit member wants to contact the board. So having to approve the occasional non-subscriber message pending in the board subgroup isn't a major hassle. But as they say, "your mileage may vary" -- the need for prompt message delivery to the board might well be more pressing for other use cases.


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