moderated Re: Is there any hope on unmoderation?


On Wed, Feb 13, 2019 at 12:33 PM, Dave B. wrote:
Board members should not see moderation requests or need to do any extraordinary bcc'ing.  Their focus is on the business of the Board, not on making the email system work a certain way. 
Moderators do not have to see any moderation requests, nor do they have to do, or receive, ANYTHING except emails addressed to the group owner address.

If you are concerned with them seeing only each initial message from homeowners, making them main-group moderators accomplishes exactly that with no further ado, including bcc'ing.

If on the other hand you anticipate longer conversations beyond a single initial message sent by a homeowner, they would simply have to check "bcc all moderators" on their response.

I can't answer your question as to why your feature is available in yahoo but not here, but I do think that meanwhile, if you plan to stay in, making the board members into group owners with extremely limited moderator permissions is a reasonable workaround for you. I would suggest familiarizing yourself with moderator permissions.

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