moderated Re: Is there any hope on unmoderation?

Dave B.

I appreciate everyone's thoughts here, but I'm not sure everyone understands what I've said or appreciates the challenge of our situation.  I never said that we needed people from outside the group to post to the group, we simply want unit owners -- members of the main group -- to be able to post to the Board subgroup without moderation.  Absolutely disallowing this seems to be an unreasonable restriction.  Seems like it should be a configuration option.  Of course, if there's a reasonable workaround (invisible to the Board) we would go that way, but so far the suggestions add burdens to the Board members that they're not willing to carry.  For example, Board members should not see moderation requests or need to do any extraordinary bcc'ing.  Their focus is on the business of the Board, not on making the email system work a certain way. 

I'm posting here because I believe that it's a reasonable request that an option be provided for main group members to post to the subgroup without moderation.  This was not a problem for us when we were with Yahoo Groups.  (We are otherwise glad to be done with them...)  I'm actually curious to know why this isn't an option already.


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