moderated Is there any hope on unmoderation?

Dave B.

We desperately need for a subgroup to be able to unmoderate addresses in the main group.  This doesn't seem to be unreasonable, but it does not seem to be possible at this time.  We can't have members of the main group joining the subgroup, but they do need to be able to write to the subgroup without moderation.  They cannot have privy to all of the subgroup traffic, just be able to send to it.

We are a condo HOA.  The unit owners constitute the main group and the Board is the subgroup.  When unit owners write to the Board, each message must be moderated.  This doesn't make sense.  We have a constant stream of messages requiring moderation, and it's driving us nuts. 

Is there a reason this can't be done?  Is there hope that it will be changed? 

We did try setting up a separate group account for the Board as well.  That doesn't help, because all messages from the unit owners to the Board still need moderation.

Dave Brown

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