locked Re: Merging threads



Yeah, it's just date ordered. In the database we don't currently
track parent/child relationships for messages. Of course it's all
still there in the raw emails.
That's a consistent and defensible implementation. It may have "surprised" me only because I had the cut/paste metaphor too strongly in mind. But naming the function "Merge Into" is a good clue, and from it I should have anticipated the result.

I think perhaps that a view option for hierarchical threading could show the result in the way I expected, giving members an alternate way of following the conversation.

Do you think that'd be a popular use case? I guess I figured that
merging would normally happen pretty quickly after a split..
My thought was that "pretty quickly" might be a fair number of messages in a busy group with light moderation. But no, I don't think it will often be a big issue.

Sigh Reddit. :-)
Yes, well, you needn't copy a format that you dislike.

Or maybe I should go read at Reddit for a while, perhaps that will make it obvious to me why you cite it.

Perhaps the Split function needs to have some smarts and offer the
user the option of plucking the sub-thread (using the logic of the
original message Subject and in-reply-to references) versus all
messages past this point in the thread as displayed.
Hmm, that could be interesting.
Another way of giving the moderator this choice is to have the split affordance in both a hierarchy-sorted view and in the temporal-sorted view. That covers both natural meanings of "this message and those that follow it."

-- Shal

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