moderated Re: Editing a Post to Add/Remove Attachments


I don’t see this forum as a popularity poll. If so start an effin poll.  Or Mark should institute a poll across each group if an idea is brought forward. Just who wants.  Then if it’s 51% do it.  eh?

i see follow up dialog as when one can suggest a work around, or an improvement to an improvement, or a serious pitfall why it could not work. Not well, I prefer, or piling on, or have the need to add .02 to each and every message. Start a .02 group for that. 

If if I am wrong on my assessment of why we’re here, then I relent.  But not before I see everybody weigh in on a popularity poll, not just ones with idle fingers.  
Im punchy this am, said tongue in cheek to reinforce this craziness- please take it as such. :-)
your groupie

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