moderated Re: Editing a Post to Add/Remove Attachments


It’s not just as easy. Not everyone uses email posting. And if the orig post was via the web UI, one might desire to preview the post. 

If a majority of users are web peeps rather than mirror email peeps then they see the edit.  

That reason for not being able to edit/replace/add an attachment/pic is not gilding anything it’s an important function that’s missing (while y’all argue for a week about  semantics or whether tomato is a veg or a fruit in a menu or message.).  Not everyone uses io as you do. 
Different folks, different strokes. 

Such editing of text could take on the same argument- why have editing at all, just resend it but that’s a function I bet few would want taken away. 

J STOP speaking for other masses and what they should or shouldn’t do. Or are you deciding for Mark what he can or cannot reasonably code?

Why poo-poo a function because YOU don’t see using it?

C’mon, extend the cat claws  ;-)


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