moderated Re: Editing a Post to Add/Remove Attachments

Jim Higgins

Received from Dennis - WU6X at 2/10/2019 03:32 PM UTC:

It would be nice to be able to add or delete an attachment to an existing post. Maybe this exists, but I could not find a way to attach a pix, anywhere in the "EDIT" menus, to one of my existing posts. Cheers, Dennis

I don't see any significant problem solved by an "add an attachment to an old message" capability.

It's likely to be used only rarely and when it is the members who have emails forwarded to their home won't know an attachment has been added unless sends out a notice. So why have a separate "add an attachment to an old message" function and have send a notice that that has happened when it's just as easy for the original sender to resend the original message with the originally intended attachment?

Jim H

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