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Michael Pavan

Actually Calendar events can be set up to repeat yearly (or every other year), but it is not intuitive. The way to do it is to set it up as repeating monthly, but with the frequency of every 12 (or 24) months. Do this in the "Repeats" section:


"Event Repeats"
Check box

Select "Monthly" in pull down menu

"Repeat Every"
Select "12" in pull down menu

Below that select "Repeat by day of the week"

"Starts On" will display this year's date based on the "Date and Time" and "Repeats" settings you choose higher up on the page.

Select "Never Ends", "After", or "On" as you wish.

"Repeat Summary" will display (if "Never Ends" was selected)
Every 12 months on the First Tuesday

BE SURE TO click on green "+Update Event" button at bottom of page

On Thu, Feb 7, 2019 at 9:07 AM Sener Yelkenci via Groups.Io <seneryelkenci@...> wrote:
We want to create a calendar. But have a little problem about that. We want to mark events as a specific day of the week, not as a fixed day in a month. This means that special day can come to a different day every year. Why can't we show this on calendars?

Example: Safer Internet Day was celebrated on the first Tuesday of February each year. This means that it was celebrated on February 6th in 2019, and on February 5th in 2018. Could this be possible in

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