moderated Re: Wiki requests

Sharon Villines

Many months ago I recommended the Google Sites wiki as an excellent model for the "general public" to use. We have residents of a condominium recording and consulting a Google wiki on all things related to the facilities and there have been no problems even with the most recalcitrant users.

But we now have the new and improved Google Sites which is awful. Just awful. I dread the next phone call or email asking Whaaaaaaat? I don’t even like to look for things myself.

The easy WYSIWG is still there but all the menus are hidden. Layers of hidden menus. Takes forever to navigate from one subpage to another to another. The menu has to be opened each time. And some menus are three vertical dots, others a button with an icon, a hamburger, etc. And you have to hover over many just to find them.

I haven’t made a list of things missing but the options are more limited. And it requires you to use Drive, Documents, etc for some things. It automatically saves them elsewhere. Go figure why this and not that. So if you delete one of those appendages you might be deleting pieces of another one.

It’s a perfect bad example of a new powerful streamlined awe-inspiring thus much less useful service you wish you had never gotten started with.

Sharon Villines, Washington, DC
"As long as you have two or fewer, your ducks are always in a row." The Covert Comic

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