moderated Re: Locked Topic Message needs Editable Reason for Rejection


The purpose of the group is to educate people about a particular disease and
the latest treatments and research. "List does not allow Private messages"
referred to the group Settings, chosen so all group members can benefit from
the info that is shared. It is less about hiding email addresses, but that
is important also. Members who receive single messages already know how to
respond privately. Others are told in the rejection of their messages, where
to email their sympathy.

The member reported they had just been diagnosed with a second, completely
different, unrelated disease.

In the absence of the requested feature, I appended the following message to
the post before locking it, but I would have preferred that the second
statement go only to members who tried to offer sympathy publicly, once the
topic was locked:

Note from Linda: XXXXX, it goes without saying that each and every one of us
is touched by your revelation and sends love and support as you deal with
this new hurdle. You will beat this too! Xo

Members: It is YYYYY Groups policy to have personal messages sent directly
to the person being addressed, in this case XXXXX. Please send your message
directly to XXXXX at ZZZ @ ZZZ (close spaces). Thank you.

Duane wrote:
I don't understand why you would not allow Private replies, but then send
the person's email address in a rejection notice. Or am I misunderstanding
Bob wrote:
So, someone can report a bad prognosis but you want to lock that topic so
that others can't offer sympathy?
Hope this is not a patient advocacy group
Linda wrote:
List does not allow Private messages.

Scenario: A New Topic from a member reveals a bad prognosis.
List has more than 1250 members who want to offer support.
Locking the topic is necessary to stay focused on the disease.

Requested: The ability to customize the rejection notice for a Locked Topic.
In this case including the private email address would avoid hurt feelings.
Also, same message in a Tool Tip for web readers would make it perfect.

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