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Artin Dekker

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Onderwerp: Re: [GMF] Problems if I later decide to follow a topic
Datum: Sun, 16 Dec 2018 11:21:44 -0800
Van: Shal Farley <shals2nd@...>


Now I have created a filter in NameCheap Private Email, with the
condition mailinglist contains, and as an action move to
folder mailing lists. This works well, but if I follow a topic and I
receive the messages that have been sent before, they will go to my
inbox and not to the mailing list folder.

Interesting. It implies that the "catch-up" messages are not marked with the Mailing-List header field.

As a work-around check the To field: normal group postings are sent out as To the group posting address, if the catch-up messages are also you could use that for your filter instead.

I also noticed today that when I reply from Thunderbird to a message
that was already sent, This message does not go to the list but to the

Hm... This implies the catch-up messages are also not marked with the Reply-To field, which normally reflects the group's Reply To setting.

I guess your work-around would be to manually replace the sender's address with the group posting address in your reply.

So it seems that with the messages sent before I followed the topic
and which were later sent to me, it is not recognized that they come
from a mailing list. Do you know what the problem is ...

I believe you've identified the problem (they are not given the usual outbound list header fields).

... and can this be solved?

Apart from the work-arounds, putting the "proper" fields in the header of those messages would be something for either support, or for the beta group ('s official "suggestion box").

I don't normally use the Following Only subscription option so I've not run into this. It is possible that the lack of these header fields was previously discussed in beta, maybe you can search for that topic there to see if there's a reason for it, or if adding them is something that should be suggested.


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