locked Re: Allow mods with appropriate privileges to edit messages in a locked topic #suggestion

Chris Jones

On Fri, Jan 11, 2019 at 09:55 AM, Marina wrote:
I wish to add that owners and moderators (with appropriate privileges) should be able to bypass all limitations,
Now that I can support, although I don't think I would wish to edit an existing message for a number of reasons.

My own particular example would be to add to a locked (and perhaps "sticky") Group Management thread; at the moment this requires the thread to be unlocked, a new message sent, and then promptly locked again; all well and good but as sent the accompanying email will enable members to attempt to reply. A simple "lock override" capability would be excellent, as would the capability of locking a message (and thus the topic) at the time of its origination. Send Locked comes to mind...

I can see risks in being able to send attachments when members cannot; even though we make no secret of the fact that for various reasons we do not allow them we still get people trying; if I or other Moderators sent out attachments on a Group I moderate then I suspect that we would get even more members trying it and wondering why their attachments weren't appearing, with all the attendant "clearing up" afterwards to be handled.


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