moderated Re: Subscription Approval Needed notices sent prematurely

Jim Higgins

Received from Michael Pavan at 1/8/2019 07:15 AM UTC:

It is better to improve by having more flexibility for more groups to function as desired, than to get stuck fighting over names.

Amen on the fighting over names. As to desired functionality, there does come a point where how I'd like it or how it was somewhere else should take a back seat to what's really working just fine as is. Flexibility in the form of options that can be ignored if we want to is - to me - something quite different from a change to a process that will affect all of us.

I want to keep seeing a prompt "Approval Needed" notice so that if the "Pending" notice sent to the subscriber is lost in his spam/junk folder (or no response is received for whatever reason) I know to follow up with a personal email. Holding the "Approval Needed" notice until the actions requested in the "Pending" notice have been taken by the applicant "breaks" this useful aspect of the current process. And no one needs 14 days to perform required "Pending" actions or to approve a subscription. I don't care if the current 14 days is extended as far as infinity, but changing the timing of the "Approval Needed" and "Pending" notices breaks functionality for Owners/Moderators who actually manage their group subscription process.

Jim H

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