moderated Re: Subscription Approval Needed notices sent prematurely



... but I (and many others) believe we would be well served by simply
having the "Pending Subscription" Member Notice ask questions and a
response received, prior to the Subscription Approval Needed notice
being sent to moderators.
To be clear, I have no problem with implementing that functionality. My complaint is with taking the established name "Pending Subscription" for the new function.*

In #19486 and #19493 you seem to accept the idea of putting the new function on a new Member Notice type, "Application Information Required”. If that's still on the table then I think we have little or no conflict.

* Yes, I understand your belief that "Pending" should have meant something different all along, and that you've wanted it for a long time. But I've been /using/ it the way it is for years here, and over a decade at Yahoo Groups. So my semantic expectations are at least as strongly founded as yours.

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