moderated Re: Allow Members to Be Able to Set Photos Sort Options

Ginny T.

Oh yes!! I'm wishing for the same thing! Especially in the absence of not having a notification for when new photos are added.

I've gotten my groups "trained" to send a note to the group using the hashtag #NewPhotos, and include what album the photo(s) are in. People want to see the new stuff, but get very frustrated when they go to the album and still can't find it because of the default alpha on title sort. I've repeatedly posted the reminder to change the sort when they get to the albums, but....
Either making the default sort the newest posted, or making the user's choice sticky in their settings would help tremendously.


On Mon, Dec 24, 2018 at 10:34 AM, Patty Sliney wrote:
Our groups are much more inclined to want to see the most recent photo albums, sort being able to permanently set the Photo sort option to "Create (down arrow-most recent first)" option would be idea.

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