moderated Re: Add permalinks to Wiki pages



It’s great because even externally posted, say an oldpagename
circulated in a prior email, remains valid - no perma links needed,
That effectively makes each title a permalink. Which is an acceptable solution.

It has the downside that an exact title text can never be reused, as it is permanently linked to the original content. Or rather, reusing it means replacing the original content, not creating a new page with that title.

Everything can stay “common” names, no weird url types
I'm not sure what you mean by weird URL types, but if you're referring to the disallowed characters I proposed for the Page Address (2) then Wikipedia must be doing something about them.

For example you'll notice that titles don't translate exactly to their links. A space, for example, generally becomes an underscore.

There may be other rules applied for other characters. For example, if I wanted the title to be "this/that" or "Big_Bad" what happens to the punctuation character? One possibility is that there are disallowed characters in the Title text, which is what I proposed for Addresses.

A parameter value (the text after "title=") may have different syntactic rules than the leaf form generally used by Wikipedia
but still there will be restricted characters to deal with, either by disallowing them or by escaping them. I prefer to disallow them because the escaped forms are generally very ugly - not suitable for human eyes.


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