moderated Re: Add permalinks to Wiki pages



In mediawiki (eg, Wikipedia’s and the most widely used and supported wiki platform) 
you don’t actually edit or delete a pagename  — You “move” it to a new name. 

eg, instead of how we live edit a topicname on a forum, we’d ‘move’ it to a new topicname. 

All links on other pages that linked to that original (moved) pagename is preserved and I’ll call it redirected to the “moved” page. 

It’s great because even externally posted, say an oldpagename circulated in a prior email, remains valid - no perma links needed, and the clicker ends up at newpagename. 

Everything can stay “common” names, no weird url types and the preservation/redirection is seamless - the renaming of the links is internally automatic.

I think how I’d split a page is make a copy, edit each as desired and “move” each to whatever new names is desired. 
At least I THINK that would be the way - I’d have to play with MW to confirm.  

As far as I know the only pagename condition to be aware of, is that the 1st letter will get capitalized.  So, s/v MyBoatname  
becomes S/v MyBoatname.  
Just a little quirky. 

TMI, but thought I’d explain how MW does things. 

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