moderated tweaks to limbo status for member not yet approved to a group #suggestion


I recently applied to a restricted group.

Days later, I am sometimes seeing the group in my groups list as if I'm a member of it, and at other times, seemingly randomly, there is a pink banner at the top of my groups list saying "Your subscription has not yet been approved."

It is not even clear which subscription the banner is talking about, since it's just at the top and not attached to anything, and does not mention a specific group. And even more oddly, when I click on the group itself, the home page appears with no banner at all, as if I'm a member. It's only when I click on my Subscription page for the group that the banner comes up - but wait: it comes up sometimes, but not others! And even when the banner does not come up, leading me to think I've finally been approved, when I go to the home page I see at the bottom, "Your subscription is pending approval." Unless I'm really missing something (always a distinct possibility), this is a holy mess and needs to be cleaned up!

Somewhat related to that: partly because it's taking so long to get approval to that group and partly because I'm having second thoughts about the group in general, I have since rethought my application to that group and am thinking I no longer want to join it. But I don't think there's a way to undo an application to a group. If so, it might be good to add that ability.

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