moderated Re: add "changed posting status" to the mod activity search terms #suggestion

Marv Waschke

I misspoke. I was thinking, wrongly, members are able to change their posting status. I am a moderator in a group where the owner changes users posting statuses occasionally. The owner makes all the real decisions and I am only there to suss out the few technical issues. When I recently received a request to moderate a comment from a member who posts frequently, I went to the activity log to see how and when the status was changed, in case something was twisted.

The text in the log is fine, but the drop down for searching the event log is long and somewhat unwieldy and it took me more time than I thought it should have to find the "Postingstatus changed" option. I expected to find it with the options that start with "Change..." I was suggesting a very minor change, and the problem it would solve is likely mine and mine alone.

Ten seconds more thought and I would have held my tongue. :)
Best, Marv

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