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I agree with that too, Dano, and found the distinction between top and bottom awkward while working my way through.

On Dec 22, 2018, at 6:40 PM, D R Stinson <> wrote:

I'm now finding that the scroll button to go to the next page does not allow you to scroll to the next "page of pages" - if it shows pages 1-17, for example, it won't let you jump to the scroll that starts with page 18. You still have to go one by one through each of the 17 pages to get to page 18. Before I got through page 17, I could remember, for example, that I left off on page 14 and the next time, upon entering the group, could easily click on page 15. But now, I can't jump to page 18. I have to scroll through each page before that.

I would usually expect a double-arrow button in a situation like this, allowing me to see the next "page of pages" (18 through whatever), and I think that should be added if possible.
I agree with your thoughts, J. As a related thought, I'd like to see that same group of pages scroll bar at both the top and bottom of a search page. If a person is looking for a known group of pages, why is it necessary to scroll to the bottom of the page first? Why isn't the page selection available at both the top and the bottom of a list of messages? It would be more convenient for the browsing I've done. Having one browsing button on top and another on the bottom just seems arbitrary and confusing.



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