moderated Re: add "changed posting status" to the mod activity search terms #suggestion


On Sat, Dec 22, 2018 at 06:07 PM, Marv Waschke wrote:
I'd vote for "Posting status changes" for both changes driven by the user and moderator.
The member (user) can't change their own posting status.

"Changed posting status" would fit with the existing log entry, and is also consistent with the rest of the terms by including the action (verb) that the moderator took.

I haven't searched for the conversation that Duane indirectly references, but awhile back, Mark changed a lot of these (at our request, as I recall) to fit better with the action taken. This one evidently got its log entry term changed but not the corresponding search term. So all that's left to do is fix the search term to make it match the log entry.

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