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Where do you find your site preference?  I have not been able to locate it. I would like to have 100 items per page for photos when deleting photos.
Thank you.

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While the 'fast forward' could be useful in several places, I did some 'testing' this morning and found a few things that might speed up the job for you, at least a little bit.  In case you haven't already, set your site preference for 100 items per page.  Then on the Members page, just select all (top left check box), scroll to the bottom, use Change Moderation in the action box, and select NuM for everyone.  (It won't change anything for those that already have this setting, including the number of remaining posts needed.  Any that had already met the posting goal will be reset to the default.)  After that page completes/updates, go to the next page and repeat.  A quick estimate says you should be able to do all 3000 in 10 minutes or so.  If there are a few specific users that should be skipped, a list of them could be used to 'fix' them after the fact.  If there are many, then this method probably wouldn't help much.

This is a situation where being able to sort by moderation status could be helpful.  Maybe that will be in the overhaul that's coming.

PS  I was going to send this offlist, but thought others might find it useful.

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