moderated Re: Why not allow Edit w/o resending


(BTW, before adding to this, I searched "relitigate" and found no prior discussion or new member/new user code of conduct) otherwise I would have threaded there. :-)

Just look at how much time and effort has been spent on this, the "issue/topic: how to address an old issue/topic."  
So, I'll submit (then shut up and grab an eggnog) that it might have been considerably easier, simpler, and more courteous to merely point out that <the issue> was visited before and to check it out <LINK> (if someone REALLY wants to be helpful.)

Searching for pre-litigation of such an "obviously helpful and overlooked (IMHO) feature" <smile> was not on my radar.  Different folks, different perspectives, 'eh?

Why not everyone just go to their dresser, select a fresh pair of underwear (that isn't twisted up in a bunch,) and slip them on before jumping into the sword thrashing, swash-buckling, posts?  It's probably just holiday season stress, 

When a newbie asks an "it's obvious, so how come?" question, I will (more than not)  <link> them to the thread or the <photo album> or <files> that help them figure out the "how come?" of their question, or problem.  
Sometimes I "nudge" older members (membership, not age) to just go search (or I throw up the search URL, but NOT find it for him/her.) 
Sometimes after being reminded of their resources (somewheres around the 10th time, give or take), I admit that I do get a little testy and strongly remind them where the resources reside (for their own looking and taking.) 
But most the time I remind myself that just about everyone (ok, math isn't my forte') is on there to be helpful, not just to be a PITA or suck others dry.

My point being, just like a <smile> vs a >frown< in the final count, it's easier to be helpful than not, and yes, there are some (at least come across as such) attitudes of better-than-thou, or I'm-a-moderator-wannabe, or our-time-is-more-valuable, type replies, whether or not intended as such.

Everyone have a great set of Holidaze, wherever/however you celebrate them.
I can't wait to tear into the still-folded-in-the-wrapper and not yet twisted-into-a-bunch, underdrawers that are (wishfully) in my stocking.

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