moderated Re: Why not allow Edit w/o resending


J_Catlady wrote:
"... It’s frustrating to spend time and energy to fight so hard for something, and not just personally but with a genuine interest in the product; get a decision from Mark; and then have to fight the same battle over again with newcomers who have not had a chance to even familiarize themselves with the reasoning that went behind the original decision."

J, You're not alone in your frustration. You joined beta not too long after I did and we remember years of past discussions. I used to be much more active in beta, but any more it seems as though there's just no quick way to repost the history of efforts to find resolutions. And if one does that, there are a dozen other ideas that other people have decided to rehash in the mean time, even though they don't understand (or possibly even know the existence of) past threads and history. I've found myself skimming threads or ignoring some because of that frustration. I'm concerned that things I worked for might be undone by people who don't understand, but I'm losing enthusiasm for defending things from the new people who don't care about past reasoning.

I am so very thankful for Mark's passion to, and his patience and insight into what groups potential is. We seem to have a lot of very tech savvy newcomers here who don't understand that some of us fought for the ability to keep things *very* simple for our groups. My groups are plain text and don't even allow hashtags because they're just noise to our members. We're focused primarily on historical subjects, and those older members and their memories are priceless - we don't want to risk losing them to frustrations with technology. I pay for two premium groups just so I can have the additional moderator abilities to help them when they get messed up and sideways.

For those who still remember our roots, please don't give up. I haven't, but it gets harder as more newbies appear wanting to reinvent the wheel their own way. There are days I feel like I'm surrounded by second-graders and they all have boxes of matches. *sigh*


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