moderated Re: Why not allow Edit w/o resending


Re: Bringing up an old, scabbed-over wound.  

Excuse me for caring, but YES, sometimes newcomers do see a missing feature that makes sense, or conversely one that doesn't make sense, and possibly should be revisited.

And just as other forums say, there's always the DELETE button or just IGNORE the message -- or just don't feel as though you must get back into the fray.  No one is forcing anyone to explain a position, or forcing them to revisit anything themselves specifically.  One does so because one CARES, and so does the newcomer bring up what one might see as being a commonsense feature because of the same reason.

Personally. we have no need for a gazillion hashtags on a topic, but if one needs it, who one group to say that another owner cannot/should not be able -- if it is technically viable and Mark is willing to implement it?  

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