moderated Re: Why not allow Edit w/o resending



Please consider how disconcerting it would be to reply to someone's email -- even perhaps quote part of the text -- only to eventually log on and find that the original post now bears no resemblance to the email they replied to.

Most of my group members are predominantly email-using, as am I.

But if they eventually do log on there's no need to be disconcerted - there's the Edited flag and particularly the ability to compare revisions.

If I (as moderator) find that a member is abusing the edit w/o send ability I can always moderate or otherwise discipline the member.

If we're going to allow people to edit their posts at all, forcing those edits to be resent to the group is one thing that got right.
If you think it will cause trouble in your groups don't enable it (allow members to edit without re-send), or enable it and require such edits be moderated, or don't allow members to edit at all.


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