locked Re: Roadmap


Here's my idea for an improved links section layout. I was going to
post it to the Yahoo! suggestion board, but I suspect it would gain
more traction here.

Back when Yahoo! Groups was created, people tended to only have a
basic web presence. These days, they're just as likely to have
multiple links for twitter, facebook, pinterest, youtube, etc. This
leads to problems when trying to generate a usable links section. Do
you create separate folders for each platform, forcing members to
constantly switch, or create a lot of redundant entries in the main
folder for people to plow through?

One solution would be to allow for several links to appear within a
single entry. It could have a main entry, the text of which would form
the basis of its alphabetical listing, and sub-links which would
automatically translate themselves into icons for things like facebook
and twitter. These would then appear as clickable icons next to the
main entry and, possibly, in text form at the bottom of the entry.

Main Link (facebook)(twitter)(pinterest)(YouTube), etc.

Another idea would be to make Main Link a text-only descriptor,
instead of a clickable link.

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