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I think the use of tags would be excellent, especially if they are searchable
by search engines, which would in itself give publicity to Groups.io every time
someone searched for a word used as a tag.

I don't use Twitter, Facebook or Google, but publicise my Yahoo groups via my
personal web site. I appreciate, however, that most people don't have that
facility. I haven't found anything useful for that purpose on Yahoo, and their
categorisation is useless as far as I am concerned. Most of my groups are
family history-related, to provide contact for people researching the same rare
name or the same commoner name in a restricted geographical area, so most
members tend to be distantly related to one another but only "met" via the

Jim Fisher

On 30 Oct 2014 at 14:24, Mark Fletcher wrote:

In terms of categorizing groups, that opens a big can of worms. Perhaps
instead, we could have group owners themselves create a set of tags for
their groups. I'm much more a fan of bottom-up organizational structures
than top-down taxonomies. They scale better and, I think, can be more
accurate. What do you think about this?

One thing I don't think Groups.io does a very good job with right now is
helping group owners promote their groups. We display widgets to post to
Twitter and Facebook right after you create a group, but that's about it.
Perhaps I can make those more visible. If there are other ways we can help
group owners promote their groups, please let me know.
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