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Hi Duane,

I would like to see the increase in hash tags as an option available for group owners. Not everyone is irresponsible or responsible so a cap is definately required for commonsense purposes. 10 would be a good number but if all we can get is 7 then that would also be better than what we have now. 

With recipes we don't always need, say 10 tags, but there are times when ten would be far more helpful for those that are not so computer savvy. Most of our members are elderly and some not so, with the group aimed at helping poor people. Some can barely turn a computer on and as my group is designed to help poorer people to find recipes to cook cheaper foods for them and their families, for my group, having more tags is a distint advantage.

If Mark could up the tag limitation then that would be really good. I am sure that there are other responsible group owners that woud also find this option useful. Maybe if possible Mark could set it so that only the group owner can set the limit. We don't have a problem with members assigning the tags willy nilly to posts or even at all as only the owners assign the tags. This may also help to reduce people just willy nilly tagging posts -  by making it limited only to group owners or moderators to have the ability to assign the tags. Just a thought.


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On Tuesday, 18 December 2018, 4:08:43 am AWST, Duane <txpigeon@...> wrote:

For me, I'd hate to see the limit set to 10 for all groups.  5 is 4 more than we normally use. ;>)  Would a compromise of 7 work to keep problems to a minimum?  If Mark thinks it's worthwhile, a floating number, set by the group owner, say up to 10, might be most flexible.


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