moderated Add permalinks to Wiki pages



I'd like to have permalinks on wiki pages.

Reason: An issue has come up in GMF where we split a page into two pages for better organization, and the complaint was made that the action broke the link for the original page (the title changed).

Exactly like message numbers, these can be a serial number issued at page creation and never re-used. Like a message number it can be shown on the right, near the edit date and revision(s) link. It can use exactly the same format (number and icon) for familiarity.

As with message numbers I'd prefer them to be group-unique to keep them short, rather than site unique like Topic numbers, but that's not an important feature compared to having them at all.

That would give us something like:

rather than

If desirable to prevent potential namespace conflict, change "wiki" in the URL to "wikilink" or something so that wiki permalinks are syntactically distinct from wiki title links.

Oh yes, and I'll throw a bump on my earlier request for permalink icons on all user-supplied content items:


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