moderated Print option for Databases?

Pamela Tatt

I have trolled through messages and found a couple of comments back in 2016 and 2017 asking if it would be possible to have a 'Print Table' option in Databases.
Obviously not enough people have requested this so I am opening up the conversation again here.
In our group we have a Database "calendar" at the start of the year listing all of the charities we are supporting throughout the year.  Our older members used to be able to print it off and keep in a folder so that they can plan ahead to make their donations in advance.  We are a charity knitting/crocheting/sewing group supporting needy people across Australia.
I, personally, find it difficult to transfer the database into another spreadsheet so cant expect my members who are less computer literate than me to do it.

I also find not being able to copy and paste straight from the database a time consuming problem.  I have to reproduce part of the Charity of the Month Calendar database on to our public website and it takes so long to go into every individual entry to edit, copy, paste each line.  

So my question is -- would a Print Table option be possible any time in the near future?  
Thanks for your time,

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